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What's been happening in Bruno's vegetable garden lately?

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Second Week of November

In the second week of November I noticed that some of the beanstalks are flowering. I forgot to mention that the previous week a couple of the larger tomato plants were also flowering. And this week some tiny fruits started appearing.

The weather has been changeable again, with above average rainfall (which is good, I guess), but occasional gusty winds (not so good). The extra rain has meant I haven't had to water the plants as often.

This week I transplanted some of the basil seedlings I had been raising in containers in the garage. Hopefully they will cope with the move to the main garden area. I will keep the rest of the seedlings indoors for a while just in case. I've got some lettuce and oregano seedlings started in the garage, and may transplant them when they're big enough.

Last night I gave all the plants another spray with seaweed solution.

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The basil seedlings (after transplanting)