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Sunday, January 2, 2005

Last Week of December

I mentioned last week that the tomatoes were beginning to ripen. I've already eaten 4 tomatoes myself, and shared a couple of others with friends. I now remember what tomatoes are supposed to taste like. The skin is soft and the flesh is delicate, unlike the ones you buy in shops.

Early in the week I shucked the borlotti beans. All up I have about 600 grams of usable borlotti beans. I was tempted to count each individual one, but that would be too pedantic even for me :) So I compromised and worked out that 120 beans is 50 grams, so 600 grams should be about 1440 beans (incidentally this is not far off my initial estimate based on the number of pods harvested). Not a bad yield for the 70-odd beans that were used to start the whole thing off.

The other "mystery" beans will have to wait before shucking. I haven't identified them conclusively, but it turns out there are two different types of beans: one white variety and another light brown variety.

On Tuesday night I gave the plants another feed of seaweed solution.

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The tomatoes (week 15)
My first batch of tomatoes, ready for eating (forgive the quality - the camera has no manual focus)
The aubergines and capsicums (week 9 after transplanting)
The basil seedlings (week 8 after transplanting)