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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Mulch Time, Again / Third Week of February

Another week of reasonable weather. A couple of very warm days early on, but milder days for the rest of the week. And we got some rain at the end of the week.

Most of the old tomato plants are still holding up okay. Understandably those with the most direct exposure to the sun have had more of their branches dry up. Only four tomatoes ripened during the week, including the smallest one yet: 25 grams! But next week looks like being more "fruitful". Meanwhile the "Costoluto di Marmande" tomato plants continue to make good progress.

Four of the five capsicum plants now have fruit. One plant has three little capsicums, while the other plants have one each.

There is still only one aubergine plant developing fruit. Perhaps it got a head start?

On Friday I refreshed the mulch around the tomato, aubergine and capsicum plants. When I got to the old tomato plants I ran out of pea straw, so I used some lawn clippings to finish off the mulching.

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The tomatoes (week 22)
The aubergines and capsicums (week 16 after transplanting)
An aubergine plant with fruit
A capsicum plant with fruit
The basil seedlings (week 15 after transplanting)
The "Costoluto di Marmande" tomatoes (week 6 after transplanting)
A potted "Costoluto di Marmande" tomato plant and more basil, with a bit of oregano in the other pot