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Sunday, February 6, 2005

Strange Summer / First Week of February

It looks like this is going to be a summer of extremes. After the heatwave last week, this week was cold and wet (again). The rain is always welcome, but the cold weather doesn't help the plants. After a period where I was harvesting about two tomatoes a day, last week I only picked five, and most of those at the start of the week.

The three capsicum plants with fruit are growing nicely. I've noticed a couple more flowers have transformed into fruit.

The sole fruiting aubergine plant also continues to make good progress. There are now two other plants with flowers.

Apart from the four "Costoluto di Marmande" tomato plants that I transplanted a few weeks ago, I have another couple growing in separate pots. By keeping them in pots I can move them around depending on the weather. It will be interesting to see how they go. I've included a photo of one of the potted tomatoes, next to another pot containing a few more basil plants.

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The tomatoes (week 20)
The aubergines and capsicums (week 14 after transplanting)
An aubergine plant with fruit
A capsicum plant with fruit
The basil seedlings (week 13 after transplanting)
The "Costoluto di Marmande" tomatoes (week 4 after transplanting)
A potted "Costoluto di Marmande" tomato plant and more basil