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Sunday, March 6, 2005

Start of Autumn

The first week of autumn has been mild, with some showers late in the week.

The old tomato plants are still producing fruit. Last week I harvested another ten tomatoes. Meanwhile the "Costoluto di Marmande" tomato plants continue to make good progress. All but one plant have started to produce fruit. Unfortunately some wind gusts on Friday night damaged a branch of one of the plants that wasn't tied up securely.

The four capsicum plants with fruit continue to make good progress. A couple of the capsicums are starting to turn red. Still no sign of fruit on the fifth plant.

There are now three aubergine plant developing fruit.

I've thought a bit about whether to plant anything new for autumn. I probably won't, since the existing plants will keep me busy. I also have various fruit trees to look after, including figs, mandarines, persimmons, feijoas and olives.

To view the latest photos, click on the links below:
The tomatoes (week 24)
The aubergines and capsicums (week 18 after transplanting)
An aubergine plant with fruit
A capsicum plant with fruit
The basil plants (week 17 after transplanting)
The "Costoluto di Marmande" tomatoes (week 8 after transplanting)
A potted "Costoluto di Marmande" tomato plant and more basil, with a bit of oregano in the other pot