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Sunday, May 1, 2005

The Last Days of the Tomato Plants

The unseasonably warm April continued almost until the end of the month. In some ways I don't regret not planting any winter crops yet, because it still feels like summer.

Yesterday I began pulling out the tomato plants growing in the main garden area. The plants lasted about seven and a half months, so I can't complain. They produced fruit for four months, yielding about 120 tomatoes, averaging one per day. I guess that means one less photo to take each week. Hopefully the two remaining "Costoluto di Marmande" plant growing in pots will keep going for a little while.

The capsicum plants are still looking healthy and producing fruit. The aubergines. on the other hand, look like a lost cause. They aren't producing much fruit, and when they do, insects attack before the fruit matures. Next year I think I'll stick to tomatoes and capsicums.

To view the latest photos, click on the links below:
The tomatoes (week 32)
The aubergines and capsicums (week 26 after transplanting)